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What to Look for in a Los Angeles Car Locksmith When You Need One !

Some people are unsure of what to do if they have lost their car keys or are locked out of the car in Los Angeles. If you do not have someone who is able to bring you a spare key then your next step is to call a Los Angeles car locksmith, who will be able to assist you with getting your car up and running again. However, before you choose which Los Angeles car locksmith will be servicing your vehicle it is important to complete some research and ask a few questions. This will ensure that you are choising the right Los Angeles car locksmith for you.

The first thing to ensure when calling a Los Angeles car locksmith is that they will be able to complete all of the services you may need on your vehicle at anytime. You never know when you may need a replacement car key or help when you are locked out, but having a Los Angeles car locksmith who has service available 24/7 can help you to avoid this. Asking the price for each service you may need in addition to any price changes due to time is also recommended. This can prevent you from running into unforeseen charges when you finally do need to call that Los Angeles car locksmith.

One of the top choices for your Los Angeles car locksmith should be Los Angeles Locksmith. Los Angeles Locksmith has car locksmith in Los Angeles who is not only available 24/7, but covers the entirety of Los Angeles and beyond. Los Angeles Locksmith is popular for car key replacement services, offering an extremely wide range of keys, for an equally wide range of make and models. Around-the-clock Los Angeles Locksmith has a Los Angeles car locksmith who is here to assist you with replacement car keys. Of course replacement car keys are not the only service that our professional Los Angeles car locksmith completes. Ignition changes can save customers of Los Angeles Locksmith a great deal of money by cutting out an expensive towing trip to the dealership in addition to any of the dealership’s parts and labor charges. While both car key replacement and igntion changes from our Los Angeles car locksmith are popular, by far the most common service associated with car locksmiths is emergency unlocks. You can count on Los Angeles Locksmith technicians being there to get you back into your vehicle any time of day or night. The Los Angeles car locksmith from Los Angeles Locksmith takes care of your vehicle as if it was his own to insure no damage is done during service.

Which ever one of Los Angeles Locksmith’s professional car locksmith services that you may need, you can count on them being available 24/7 for you to have completed. Straight forward and honest pricing means that you will never be surprised with high fees once the service has been completed. An Los Angeles Locksmith Los Angeles car locksmith will always provide you with a written price prior to any service being completed. Los Angeles Locksmith is definitely a car locksmith that you can save to your phone as a go-to Los Angeles car locksmith.

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Locksmith Shot at During Routine Eviction

One of the may task taken on by the locksmith professionals working here at Los Angeles Locksmith is a sheriff supervised eviction, these types of jobs usually go off without a hitch with most of the tenants already being vacated before the eviction takes place requiring our technicians to simply unlock the doors and change the locks turning the property over to the rightful owners. But in some cases the tenant has not followed court orders and vacated the premises and upon arrival there is a dispute between the person living in the home and the person there to take it away. In these cases it can get quite ugly, with crying babies and small children being forced to leave the only place they knew to be their home or like in this case violence erupts.

The story comes from Nebraska; Lancaster County to be exact where John Firestine of Husker Lock and Key was called upon to be the locksmith on site while the eviction took place.Firestine said he was behind the deputy when he heard the him yell, “Doug, put your gun down!” Then the man opened fire toward the doorway. Thankfully the bullets missed both Firestine and the sheriff but the return fire from the deputy’s gun did ultimately end Mr. DaMoude’s life after being taken to the hospital.

When people think of a locksmith’s job they do not often associate it with being in constant danger, and this is true it is not every call that we respond to that put our technicians in a life or death type situation but there are many of the call we receive that are less than desirable and just like every other field of service you never know what is going to happen when people are placed in stressful situations.

Although evictions can be one of the easiest jobs to perform when there is no one on the premises, it takes a much different turn when the sheriff knocks at the door and there is an answer. Another risky service call we take is the emergency lock out, sure most of the time it is a stranded customer desperately trying to get back inside of their home or vehicle but on the rare occasion we have run into a disgruntled employee trying to gain access to their old place of business, a heartbroken ex girl friend or boy friend trying to get into the apartment that was once theirs and the sneaky thieve who is trying to steal vehicles by claiming to be locked out. This is why our Los Angeles locksmith technicians are trained to always ask for proof of ownership before letting anyone enter the previously locked space they have just opened up.

In addition to verifying that the person requesting the service is the rightful owner of the place we are opening, we also train our employees to never chase after a customer who refuses to pay. Instead we are trained to return to our mobile service units and call the police who will track down the customer and make them pay. It is easy enough when you unlock a home or office to sit there and wait seeing how the customer will need to return at some point but when it comes to automotive locksmith service it can be much more difficult seeing how the person might be locked out in a completely different part of town than they live. This is why upon arrival to all of our service calls the technicians are required to take down the full address and the license plate number of all customers and keep it in their log book just in case there is ever an issue with payment. If you have heard about the tragedies out of Atlanta where a locksmith had responded to a emergency lock out call and after unlocking the customers vehicle the customer took off with out paying so the locksmith gave chase and lost control of his vehicle crashing into 3 young girls walking down the street and ended up killing 2 of them. All of this could have been avoided had the locksmith just followed procedure and took the customers information along with plate number before performing any work.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by these tragedies and hope that by informing others of the safe common sense practices that our Los Angeles Locksmiths follow will help to avoid any more of these types of incidents from occurring ever again.


Thieves using old keys or “jiggler” Keys to steal your car.

From our neighbor to the north comes this story of a group of thieves using what is known as a jiggler key to steal vehicles. These clever fools have been stocking up on old car keys found God only knows where, maybe the trash or from previous vehicles they or their family members have owned to trick your car into thinking the correct key is being used. Another method they are using is purchasing the jiggler key sets from online stores that sell locksmith equipment to what they assume to be reputable locksmiths. But when in the wrong hands of a thief who has a little bit of patience these keys can be sued to start your ignition and allow the thief to drive away in your vehicle.

The group of delinquents in Seattle has been targeting older model vehicles since the ignition switches are more likely to be worn out, since the right key has been inserted and removed so many times the tumblers in the ignition get worn down allowing a “jiggler” key to be inserted and trick the ignition into starting. When we asked our master locksmith technician about the process these thieves are using they claimed it made perfect sense, if you know that an older cars ignition is going to be more worn down and they do not require a transponder key to start the vehicle you can use a jiggler or old key to bypass the ignition and drive away. There is however a few ways you can avoid this from happening to you; first if you know that your car does in fact require the chip key to start your car then relax and just be sure to lock your doors, but for those of our customers who have later model vehicles aside from locking your doors you can also purchase a club. Yes the club which many thought was ancient history can deter a thief from targeting your vehicle because even though they may be able to start it with their fake keys they will not be able to steer the vehicle which will make it pointless for them to waste their time. In addition to the club you can also install an ignition kill switch which you can install easily and turn on and off as you enter and exit the vehicle respectively. Other tips to avoid having your vehicle targeted are to park in “safe spots” under a light, near a busy intersection or store, in a monitored parking facility or if possible inside your garage.

With all hopes of the jiggler key thieves staying up north we want all of our customers to take into consideration that this type of behavior can happen anywhere and to always be vigilant of your surroundings and watch out for one another.

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Finding The Right Auto Locksmith in Los Angeles

Any one who has ever dealt with an unprofessional auto locksmith in Los Angeles can tell you that rather than offering convenience these locksmiths can actually leave you with a big headache. This is why it is important to find the right auto locksmith in Los Angeles before you need one. Just a few minutes of research can help you to avoid hassle and being taken advantage of down the road. By asking questions now you are able to find out exactly which auto locksmith in Los Angeles that you should trust for completing your automotive service 24/7.

Many people think that all an auto locksmith in Los Angeles can offer is emergency unlock service. This is true for some mobile locksmith companies, but not all. Some locksmiths, like Los Angeles Locksmith, can offer you full service for your vehicle’s lock and key system, without having to deal with the dealership at all. Replacement car keys are one of the main services that you can receive from an auto locksmith in Los Angeles and Los Angeles Locksmith is one of the leaders when it comes to this service. car keysCar keys have changed to become more sophisticated in newer model vehicles which means that any auto locksmith in Los Angeles must stay updated on all of the newest technology and training in order to service any make or model. Transponder car keys created a shift in concentration since, not only must the car key must be matched up to the exact cuts of the car’s igntion, but a computer chip in the car key’s shell must also be programmed in order for the vehicle to start. A transponder key replacement can call for the use of specialized programming tools, which not all auto locksmith in Los Angeles have. This is why it is important to ask the locksmith beforehand whether they can complete the service that you need.

Not only can the auto locksmith in Los Angeles which is offer by Los Angeles Locksmith provide you with a replace car key, but they are also able to complete an igntion change right at your vehicle’s location. Sometimes you may have an issue with getting your vehicle started and are not sure if that issue is caused by the car key or igntion. In this case you can contact Los Angeles Locksmith’s auto locksmith in Los Angeles and the professional technician will be able to diagnose the issue and fix it, right then. No need to wait or have your vehicle towed, Los Angeles Locksmith’s auto locksmith in Los Angeles can be on scene in as little as 20 minutes to assist you.

Whether you are in need of service because you are locked out, lost your car keys or need to have your igntion repair, Los Angeles Locksmith can assist you. In addition to emergency services being available with response times as low as 20 minutes, service is also available by appointment. This allows for customers to get the automotive lock and key service they need completed, done at a time that is convenient for them.

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No more Car Keys, Push Button Key Standard for GM

In light of the recent GM ignition switch debacle GM has brought up a valid question; are car keys really needed?

Of course there needs to be a way to start and stop your vehicle’s engine but is the need to have a physical metal key imperative? That is the question being discussed in many automakers board rooms and more and more the answer is no. With the advances in the push to start ignitions being produced now 72% of modern vehicles are equipped with the keyless fobs that only need to be present on the driver to unlock, lock and start the vehicle. Having the keyless option is very convenient for most customers seeing how they do not have to fumble around with their keys in the dark or stormy weather and even more so when they are carrying bags, babies or anything else that can hinder searching in your pocket or purse for the key to your car. Another added convenience is vehicles become harder to steal unless of course the thief has the keyless fob, and also not having to insert a key to the ignition can completely wipe out the need to have your ignition replaced due to wear and tear.

But what does this mean for the old metal keys? Will they become extinct as well as the master key cutters and locksmiths who are trained to perform service on them and the ignition and locks they go into? Not necessarily you see our automotive locksmith specialist have seen this change coming for quite some time now and have been training long and hard to become the master of the keyless fob as well as the standard metal key. These keyless fobs also need to be programmed to the vehicle they operate and our locksmiths have the tools and the parts needed to complete this task. As for the metal keys they may well become a thing of the past but not for homes, offices and other vehicles that are not as updated to have a keyless remote.

Keyless fobs are able to add an extra level of security to the vehicle as well as the occupants of the vehicle. With these fobs like we mentioned before it is much more difficult for a thief to steal the vehicle, you are not able to hotwire the vehicle or pick the ignition to get it started it is required for the vehicle to start the fob must be present. As for the occupants with the recent issues of faulty ignition switches causing fatalities cars equipped with a keyless fob will not have to worry about a faulty part causing any damage. A recent AutoPacific survey consumers raked keyless ignition technology the 5th most coveted upgrade for their vehicles. And since all consumers and regulators are always eager to pay for safety upgrades from ABS to airbags and now even back up cameras you can never put a price on upgrading the safety of you and your loved ones.

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Steps to take when locked out of car

We have all been there before you get out of a store or leave work and walk up to your car and can not for the life of you find your keys; now what?

You go back and retrace your steps hoping that you are able to find the keys either on the ground, in your desk, in one of the grocery bags and even at the register but you come up empty. It is a very frustrating time especially after working a long hard day or even worse when you just bought food that will now spoil since you can not get it home in a timely fashion. Los Angeles locksmith gets on a daily basis at least 20 of these types of emergency calls, so we have complied a list of some steps you can take when you are locked out of your car.

The first and most obvious is to call whom ever you have given your spare key to so they can come and bring it to you so you are able to get back into your car and on your way. Many people do not take the time to relax and think logically about how to tackle this type of emergency, if you had taken our previous advice and gotten a spare key made for your vehicle someone you know and trust is keeping that key safe, so give them a call and sit back until they arrive with your spare key. Los Angeles Locksmith has responded to multiple emergency lock out calls when upon arrival we are told the spare is on the way, although this can be frustrating for the technician who just rushed over to the scene it is also nice to see the relief in our potential customers faces.  But what happens when you don’t have a spare?

If you are not one of the lucky folks who took the time to get a spare key made you are now facing a whole other set of issues, like we said most people in this situation are not thinking logically they are upset and angry which sometimes leads to them doing the unthinkable and breaking a window to get inside the car, now this is one way to access your keys IF they are inside the car. There have been cases where Los Angeles Locksmith arrives on site to see broken glass on the ground and a disgruntled customer next to it still with out keys. Even if the keys are inside the vehicle breaking a window is never the best option since you are going to have to replace the window anyway.

If you are still trying to avoid the cost of calling a locksmith to unlock your car door which FYI is in most cases less that $100, you have a few other options you can try to contact the local police department to see if there is an officer in the area who will be willing to assist you but 99% of the time the police will direct you to a locksmith company to unlock the door since they usually have bigger fish to fry. The only time the police will respond is if someone is locked inside the vehicle like a child or a senior who is unable to unlock the door for you.

If the police will not come to your aid you can try to unlock the door your self by using a metal coat hanger or your vehicles antenna, this method usually works well on older model cars where the lock sticks up from the door allowing you to make a hook on the hanger to grab a hold of the lock and pull it up to unlock it, we found a few videos where this technique has worked. But metal coat hangers are not the easy to come by anymore and it is even less likely you will be able to unlock the door as quickly as they do in those videos or as well as our professional locksmith technicians.

After all else has failed you will come to the realization that you need to contact a local locksmith to come to your rescue, don’t fret we all want to save money where we can but there are somethings that are just done better when left up to the professionals. Our Los Angeles Locksmith is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we always have our quick 20 minute response time to all emergency locksmith calls we receive, upon arrival our technicians will have you back into your vehicle in just a few short minutes with out any damage to your vehicle for a small fee (much lower than glass replacement). After we get you back into your car we are also able to create a new spare key for your car so you never have to deal with this type of situation again.

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Los Angeles Locksmith Locations

Los Angeles Locksmith is happy to announce that we have opened up our service area to include more of Los Angeles County. Now with our very own mobile locksmiths in the following areas we are able to provide the exceptional 24/7 locksmith service we have become known for over the years.

With having our own licensed, insured and bonded locksmith technicians on call in your local area we are able to be the only locksmith you will need to handle your commercial, residential and automotive locksmith needs. Since Los Angeles Locksmiths are always traveling in their mobile service units which act as moving warehouses filled with all the parts and tools they will need to take care of your locksmith issue no matter where you are or what time of the day it may be when you need a professional locksmiths assistance you can now rely solely on Los Angeles Locksmith.

With our new Long Beach Locksmith, Santa Clarita Locksmith, Torrence Locksmith, Pasadena Locksmith, Downey Locksmith, Inglewood Locksmith, Burbank Locksmith, Compton Locksmith, Santa Monica Locksmith, Whittier Locksmith, Hawthorne Locksmith, Malibu Locksmith and Beverly Hills Locksmith there is no where our locksmiths are unable to get to in less than 20 minutes! And in emergency situations time is of the essence.

By strategically placing our skilled Los Angeles Locksmiths through out the county we are now able to provide each of our valued customers the fast, low price high quality level of locksmith service we have been known for. Each of our technicians undergo strict testing and training to ensure that once they are on site to deal with your locksmith issue you will never be displeased. With a high level of skill and a full truck of tools and parts when you choose our Los Angeles Locksmith who is local to your area you can count on the job getting done right the first time.

The same way our Los Angeles Locksmiths are the leaders in all automotive locksmith work so our new additions to the team, there is really no vehicle on the road today that our skilled professionals are unable to make the key for. If you have ever lost or broken your vehicle keys you know how frustrating it can be to be stranded without access to your vehicle, well with one quick phone call into our friendly Los Angeles Locksmith customer service team the closest most skilled technician will be on their way to your exact location to make the new key you need to get back on the road again.