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Thieves using old keys or “jiggler” Keys to steal your car.

From our neighbor to the north comes this story of a group of thieves using what is known as a jiggler key to steal vehicles. These clever fools have been stocking up on old car keys found God only knows where, maybe the trash or from previous vehicles they or their family members have owned […]

Finding The Right Auto Locksmith in Los Angeles

Any one who has ever dealt with an unprofessional auto locksmith in Los Angeles can tell you that rather than offering convenience these locksmiths can actually leave you with a big headache. This is why it is important to find the right auto locksmith in Los Angeles before you need one. Just a few minutes […]

Los Angeles Locksmith Locations

Los Angeles Locksmith is happy to announce that we have opened up our service area to include more of Los Angeles County. Now with our very own mobile locksmiths in the following areas we are able to provide the exceptional 24/7 locksmith service we have become known for over the years. With having our own […]

Key Kiosk Attempts to Compete With Locksmiths

New York company KeyMe is looking to make getting a replacement key as easy as buying a Slurpee. The Long Island based company has partnered with 7-11 to test their new service in the Manhattan area. What is the service you ask? A replacement key vending machine located like an ATM right inside of your […]

Frequently Asked Questions at LA Locksmith

At Los Angeles Locksmith we get customers calling a lot with questions and we find that many people have similar legitimate questions about their locksmith service. Our technicians have put together a list of some of the most common questions they get while out performing service. What is the difference between a transponder key and […]