Thieves using old keys or “jiggler” Keys to steal your car.

From our neighbor to the north comes this story of a group of thieves using what is known as a jiggler key to steal vehicles. These clever fools have been stocking up on old car keys found God only knows where, maybe the trash or from previous vehicles they or their family members have owned […]

Finding The Right Auto Locksmith in Los Angeles

Any one who has ever dealt with an unprofessional auto locksmith in Los Angeles can tell you that rather than offering convenience these locksmiths can actually leave you with a big headache. This is why it is important to find the right auto locksmith in Los Angeles before you need one. Just a few minutes […]

No more Car Keys, Push Button Key Standard for GM

In light of the recent GM ignition switch debacle GM has brought up a valid question; are car keys really needed? Of course there needs to be a way to start and stop your vehicle’s engine but is the need to have a physical metal key imperative? That is the question being discussed in many […]

Steps to take when locked out of car

We have all been there before you get out of a store or leave work and walk up to your car and can not for the life of you find your keys; now what? You go back and retrace your steps hoping that you are able to find the keys either on the ground, in […]

Car Made Out Of Lego’s That Drives!

Car Made Out Of Lego’s That Drives!

As a child dreaming of building your own Lego house that you would drive to in your own Lego car seemed like just that a dream. But for two kids trapped in adult bodies they made this dream come true. Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, were not out to break any land-speed records but just […]

Lost Car Keys!

Most people at one time or another have had the unfortunate experience of losing their keys. You are getting ready to go to work, coming back from walking the dog, or even just at home with the kids, when you realize you don’t know where your keys are. Immediately you go into a panic and […]

Key Programming!

It seems that you can never be too prepared, making sure that you have a spare key for your vehicle is actually one of the least thought about aspects of readiness. You see it used to be as easy as walking into your hardware store to get a extra copy of your vehicle key, now […]