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Jaguar Has the “Key” to Keeping Your Keys Safe

Imagine that you have just spent the whole day out having fun in the sun at the beach. You’ve packed up your coolers and are desperately trying to shake every last grain of sand out of your towels, when suddenly you realize you cannot find your keys! You made sure to tuck them away safely with your belongings to avoid getting them wet, but now you are faced with a difficult dilemma.  Well here at Los Angeles Locksmith we are always ready to come to the rescue and make a new car key for you on the spot, but one car company has come up with an idea to make your lives even easier.

Jaguar has designed a new  “activity key” which is projected to be available for purchase in the middle of 2016. The new key takes away the worry of losing or damaging your car key while enjoying outdoor activities. The new design features an adjustable, rubber wristband that interacts with the car through the “J” on the Jaguar emblem on the rear end of the vehicle.  Now you can secure your personal belongings and even your regular key for the car safely inside the vehicle and then simply tap the wristband to the emblem and your car will not only lock, but will also disable the key inside to ensure it is protected against potential thieves.

This “key” is the answer to the dilemma that many beach-goers face: what do I do with my key when I’m in the water?  In a world where everything is advancing technologically, it is difficult to keep your car keys on you at all times because now there is a risk of damaging the computer chips within the keys.  One group of people who Jaguar thinks will truly benefit from the activity key is surfers.  People who are out on the water every day should not have to worry about where they are going to hide or lock up their car keys, and that is exactly why the “activity key” has been tested to ensure that it can withstand pressures of up to 65 feet underwater .

We at Los Angeles Locksmith are aware that not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new Jaguar just to reap the benefits of an “activity key”, but it is interesting to see what new options are available to us.  Who knows, as time progresses the activity key may become an option offered by all car manufacturers.  And for those of you who are still left in the stressful situation of trying to frantically find lost keys or retrieve a key from inside of a locked  vehicle, we have your back 24/7 with our emergency vehicle unlock and car key replacement services.

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