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“Hot Car Challenge” Can you survive?

As we have previously discussed vehicular heatstroke is not joke! Every year children and pets are left to die in hot cars, it is the goal of Los Angeles Locksmith to educate as many people as possible on this issue so we can start to see a decrease in lives lost from this epidemic.

Another organization Kars4Kids is also determined to help prevent as many of these cases as possible with their efforts on informing the public of the risk of leaving a child or and animal in the car during the hot summer months. They are now conducting a “Hot Car Challenge” where they are asking adults to remain in a closed car for 10 minutes, if they are able to complete the challenge they can win $100 so far no one has been able to remain in the car for that long. They have developed a safety app you can download here to assist parents and care takers to always remember to look before you lock!

Kidsandcars.org is another organization who is fighting non stop to educate the public on the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. According to their studies at least one child dies every week after being left inside a hot car, let’s work together to put a end to this tragedy.

Here are a few tips on how to help you remember to look before you lock:

1. Place a personal item in the back seat that you would not leave the car with out like your cell phone, purse or briefcase or even your left shoe! This will ensure that you will go into the back seat before you leave the vehicle and could save your child’s life.

2. Use a stuffed animal and place it in the child’s car seat when they are not in it and in the front passenger seat when they are. A big purple stuffed bunny will be a visual reminder that someone is in the back.

3. If you drop your child off at a day care have the childcare provider to call you any day your child was not dropped off at daycare. This phone call could save your child’s life if you forgot to drop them off.

And to make sure you never forget be sure to download the App from Kars4Kids!


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