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Tips to avoid Vehicular Heat Stroke this summer

As the summer months are approaching it is time we bring up the our Los Angeles Locksmith tips and tricks to help in lowering the amount of unnecessary vehicular heatstroke deaths suffered by young children and pets this year. Just last year we lost 31 lives to this epidemic which could have easily been avoided had the care givers just taken a few extra seconds to follow our list of tips to save a life.

Something as simple as placing your purse or briefcase on the floor in the back seat can help you always to remember to check the back before you lock; with many of us running around each and every day trying to meet deadlines and avoid the traffic jams we can become so consumed with the task at hand that we simply forget to look in the back seat to make sure there is no child left behind. Here are a few of our tips to help you always remember to look in back:

  1. Leave your purse or briefcase in the back seat on the floor when you enter the vehicle, upon exiting you will have to go back to get it where you can make sure the child seat is empty.
  2. Use a stuffed animal to fill the child seat when the child is not in it and place the stuffed toy in the passenger seat while the child is in the seat. ( a huge pink teddy bear sitting next to you will remind you the child is still in back)
  3. Place your cell phone on the floor in the back of the vehicle not only will it force you not to text and drive but also you will have to open the back to get it when exiting.
  4. Have your child’s caregiver give you a call if the child is not dropped off as scheduled be sure to provide your home, cell and office number

With new parents there are many factors that can cause a lapse in memory from the lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and distractions is easy to become overwhelmed we hope that these tips will assist in getting you in the habit of always looking before you lock.

Another issue we see with vehicular heatstroke deaths is parents or care givers who think it is acceptable to run into the store while the children or pets are in the vehicle still. What many people do not realize is how quickly a car can turn from a comfortable temperature to an oven. Even when the temperature outside is in the 70’s or 80’s the interior temperature of a vehicle can rise 10-30 degrees in just a matter of minutes. In addition to children and pets body temperature rising quicker than most adults a quick trip into the store can turn in to a disaster. Although it can be inconvenient always be sure to bring your child into the store with you and if you have a pet in the car take them home if they are not allowed into the store with you. Try to use drive thru’s if available and use your credit or debit card to pay for gas to avoid leaving the vehicle.

If you do see a child or pet trapped inside a vehicle unattended call 911 immediately and then give us a call so we can dispatch a technician to the location to unlock the car free of charge. Depending on who arrives first the police or our locksmith the child or pet will be freed so they can obtain the medical attention they require if needed.


One comment on “Tips to avoid Vehicular Heat Stroke this summer

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