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Home Security Tips for the Summer.

The time of year we all look forward to is finally here: Summer Time, for those with children it means no more early morning drop offs to school but instead fun filled days at the pool, for the rest of the world it means life as normal but with that one week we get to relax and get away; vacation time!

You have worked hard all year long to save up to take the family or just yourself on that coveted vacation, leaving the stress of daily life behind for a week filled with adult beverages, late nights and making memories. So the bags are packed and your ready to go but before you embark on your vacation we have a few tips to ensure that when you return your home will be just as you left it.

Many thieves stake out neighborhoods during the spring months into the summer to get an idea of what cars belong to what homes, is there dogs at the residence, are the neighbors active outdoors and what time of the day there is never anyone around. This is how they decide what house is going to be an easy break in, since it only takes a week to get down the schedule of their prey it is very easy for them to spot the time when your vehicle has not moved from the driveway or your mail is piling up; time to strike.

Coming home from your vacation to see that your home has be burglarized is and awful feeling, even worse is having the police department call you while you are away to inform you of the events that have taken place. There are however a few tips that will keep the thieves guessing as to whether or not the time is right to break in.

The obvious tip is to install a home security system; yes seeing the little sign on the front lawn might deter the less tech savvy thieves but for a more advance criminal bypassing these systems is not all that difficult. A home security system is a great benefit for all who use them, giving you the added sense of security that when you activate the alarm and walk out of the house to enjoy your getaway you know if anyone enters the home the alarm will sound and the police will arrive. This is great but in the next few paragraphs we will cover some other helpful tips on how to keep your home safe while you are away.

Aside from installing a home security system the next most obvious tip is to have the post office hold your mail until you come back home, simply go to your local branch and request a hold give them the day you are leavening and the day you will be back to pick up the mail. An over flowing mailbox can be a dead give away to even the most uneducated thief that no one is home. By keeping your mailbox empty you are giving your home a better chance to stay UN entered while you are away.

The next tip is to invest in an automatic light timer; this device will cost you a few dollars and can save you a ton in the future. Simply install a few in your home one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom to go off at different times throughout the day. If it seems to a thief that there has not been any activity at the home in a few days they will be planning their break in but when they arrive and see that there are lights on inside the home they will quickly decide against the idea to try to come in.

Another tip if you trust your neighbors with the keys to your vehicles is to have them sporadically move them around in the driveway then out to the street and so one for the time you are away. This also give the false sense that someone is home and obviously moving around, like we stated before it only takes about a week for a thief to get your schedule down to a t and if they see that the vehicles keep changing position they will quickly move on to the next house.

If all else fails and the thief are still targeted on your home we have the one method that will keep them out; your home door and window locks. By installing high security locks on your home you are able to ensure that even if all other methods have failed the criminal will not be able to gain entry to your home easily. You see most common criminals know that the locks on most doors are sold at popular hardware stores, where they too can purchase them and figure out the quickest easiest way to bypass the locking mechanism giving them access to your home. By calling a professional locksmith company you can set up an appointment to have them come to your home and install brand new high security locks on all the entry doors and windows to your home. These types of lock are considered pick and bump proof meaning that the easy ways to bypass other less superior locks will not work on your new high security locks. The only way to unlock these locks is to use the key or to drill out the locking cylinder which is not an easy, quick or quiet way to break in to a home.

Our advice is to call a locksmith shop have them install the new locks on your home, install a security system as well since that will help you feel secure all year long, go to the post office and stop your mail and invest in some automatic light timers. If you follow all these steps you can be sure that while you are away on vacation your home will be safe from any unwanted visitors.


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