Thieves using old keys or “jiggler” Keys to steal your car.

From our neighbor to the north comes this story of a group of thieves using what is known as a jiggler key to steal vehicles. These clever fools have been stocking up on old car keys found God only knows where, maybe the trash or from previous vehicles they or their family members have owned to trick your car into thinking the correct key is being used. Another method they are using is purchasing the jiggler key sets from online stores that sell locksmith equipment to what they assume to be reputable locksmiths. But when in the wrong hands of a thief who has a little bit of patience these keys can be sued to start your ignition and allow the thief to drive away in your vehicle.

The group of delinquents in Seattle has been targeting older model vehicles since the ignition switches are more likely to be worn out, since the right key has been inserted and removed so many times the tumblers in the ignition get worn down allowing a “jiggler” key to be inserted and trick the ignition into starting. When we asked our master locksmith technician about the process these thieves are using they claimed it made perfect sense, if you know that an older cars ignition is going to be more worn down and they do not require a transponder key to start the vehicle you can use a jiggler or old key to bypass the ignition and drive away. There is however a few ways you can avoid this from happening to you; first if you know that your car does in fact require the chip key to start your car then relax and just be sure to lock your doors, but for those of our customers who have later model vehicles aside from locking your doors you can also purchase a club. Yes the club which many thought was ancient history can deter a thief from targeting your vehicle because even though they may be able to start it with their fake keys they will not be able to steer the vehicle which will make it pointless for them to waste their time. In addition to the club you can also install an ignition kill switch which you can install easily and turn on and off as you enter and exit the vehicle respectively. Other tips to avoid having your vehicle targeted are to park in “safe spots” under a light, near a busy intersection or store, in a monitored parking facility or if possible inside your garage.

With all hopes of the jiggler key thieves staying up north we want all of our customers to take into consideration that this type of behavior can happen anywhere and to always be vigilant of your surroundings and watch out for one another.


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