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No more Car Keys, Push Button Key Standard for GM

In light of the recent GM ignition switch debacle GM has brought up a valid question; are car keys really needed?

Of course there needs to be a way to start and stop your vehicle’s engine but is the need to have a physical metal key imperative? That is the question being discussed in many automakers board rooms and more and more the answer is no. With the advances in the push to start ignitions being produced now 72% of modern vehicles are equipped with the keyless fobs that only need to be present on the driver to unlock, lock and start the vehicle. Having the keyless option is very convenient for most customers seeing how they do not have to fumble around with their keys in the dark or stormy weather and even more so when they are carrying bags, babies or anything else that can hinder searching in your pocket or purse for the key to your car. Another added convenience is vehicles become harder to steal unless of course the thief has the keyless fob, and also not having to insert a key to the ignition can completely wipe out the need to have your ignition replaced due to wear and tear.

But what does this mean for the old metal keys? Will they become extinct as well as the master key cutters and locksmiths who are trained to perform service on them and the ignition and locks they go into? Not necessarily you see our automotive locksmith specialist have seen this change coming for quite some time now and have been training long and hard to become the master of the keyless fob as well as the standard metal key. These keyless fobs also need to be programmed to the vehicle they operate and our locksmiths have the tools and the parts needed to complete this task. As for the metal keys they may well become a thing of the past but not for homes, offices and other vehicles that are not as updated to have a keyless remote.

Keyless fobs are able to add an extra level of security to the vehicle as well as the occupants of the vehicle. With these fobs like we mentioned before it is much more difficult for a thief to steal the vehicle, you are not able to hotwire the vehicle or pick the ignition to get it started it is required for the vehicle to start the fob must be present. As for the occupants with the recent issues of faulty ignition switches causing fatalities cars equipped with a keyless fob will not have to worry about a faulty part causing any damage. A recent AutoPacific survey consumers raked keyless ignition technology the 5th most coveted upgrade for their vehicles. And since all consumers and regulators are always eager to pay for safety upgrades from ABS to airbags and now even back up cameras you can never put a price on upgrading the safety of you and your loved ones.


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