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Car Made Out Of Lego’s That Drives!

As a child dreaming of building your own Lego house that you would drive to in your own Lego car seemed like just that a dream. But for two kids trapped in adult bodies they made this dream come true. Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, were not out to break any land-speed records but just have some fun. Mr Sammartino has credited Mr. Oaida as being the technical genius by doing all of the design work by building the engine and the whole car. By using close to a half of million pieces of Lego other than the struts for the tires the entire car including the seat, steering wheel and the entire engine is all Lego. This car is run only on compressed air, so not only is it cool to look at but also Eco-friendly.


If you can think back to those dark nights walking out of your room for a drink or to use the restroom when you step on one of those Lego’s you forgot to pick up that excruciating pain will be sure to stick out. These seats are probably not the most comfortable in the world and not to be sat in for a long period of time but none the less pretty cool to have a car made entirely out of Lego’s.

Although we will most likely not be responding to any lock out calls for the Lego car, it is still a peak of interest seeing a huge Lego car ride down the street is a once in a lifetime event. We have dedicated a team to building Lego car door locks to fit in to the Lego car to ensure the hard work of Mr. Sammartino and Mr. Oaida stays safe.

For more info on this story check out the website and look at the video!


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