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Lost Car Keys!

Most people at one time or another have had the unfortunate experience of losing their keys. You are getting ready to go to work, coming back from walking the dog, or even just at home with the kids, when you realize you don’t know where your keys are. Immediately you go into a panic and start searching the usual areas. Hung up on the wall, in your coat pocket or in your hand bag. Then without any luck, you move on to the not so normal areas that they could possibly be. In the lunchroom at work, out on the ground next to your car, or even in your child’s toy box. Eventually you come to the realization they are nowhere to be found. Now with your house keys, it may be as simple as calling a family member or even your neighbor for that spare key you gave them a while back. As for your car key, you may not be so lucky. Most of the time you are the only person who has a copy of your car key. So to get your vehicle back on the road, there are a few things that you should do.

after searching everywhere for your lost car keys it is time to call Los Angeles Locksmith!

After searching everywhere for your lost car keys it is time to call Los Angeles Locksmith!

Since you are certain that you need a new car key, you want to make sure that you can get one in an efficient amount of time, but also that you get it for a decent price and without having to go far to get it (since you don’t have a car to get there!). There are going to be many different locksmiths for you to choose from. Whether you are looking in The Yellow Pages, or searching online, you want to make sure the company you choose is a reliable business. When you do choose a locksmith, you have to remember, they are going to be making a key for your vehicle. They need to be a business that you can trust that they are not going to make an extra copy and use it for them self later on. You also need to be able to trust that they will be able to provide the proper service that you need, without damaging your vehicle.  Not all locksmiths may be able to make your type of car key, especially with all the newer advancements that have been added to cars over the last decade. A good place to get this information is from the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB. They have information such as the length of time a company has been in business, if they are BBB accredited, a summary of their experience and even their complaint history. So now you should have enough information to decide a company or two that you are interested in.

After you have chosen a potential Locksmith(s), it is important you know the make, model and year of your car. You should then go ahead and give them a call, explain what your specific problem is, and make sure they are able to help with your situation. You also want to find out approximately how much it is going to cost, and how long it is going to take before they can have someone perform the job. You may want to call around, but as long as their prices sound reasonable and their wait time is within that day or the next morning at the latest, then you should probably just go ahead with them. They are most likely going to be around the same price you are going to find elsewhere.  Plus, the longer you take shopping around, the longer it is going to take to have the job done, and it probably isn’t going to be worth waiting, just to save an extra 3 bucks.

The last but most important step is getting your key made. Try to prepare so you are ready when the technician gets there. Do you need to get to where your car is? Make sure your there on time. Don’t have enough money on you?  Stop by the bank before meeting up with the technician. Do you have paperwork at home stating that the car belongs to you? Then don’t forget to bring it with you. If you want them to get out there and get the job finished quickly with no problems, try to do your part too so that everything goes according to plan. The technician should have his job done before you know it. Then while driving off in your car you will think to yourself, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. A couple minutes of research, a phone call with a few questions and your problem disappeared as fast as it came.

One comment on “Lost Car Keys!

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