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Key Programming!

It seems that you can never be too prepared, making sure that you have a spare key for your vehicle is actually one of the least thought about aspects of readiness.

You see it used to be as easy as walking into your hardware store to get a extra copy of your vehicle key, now a day’s most vehicles come standard with a transponder key. These transponder keys have a tiny micro chip implanted inside them which communicates a signal to the vehicles on board computer system allowing the key to turn the vehicle on. If you take your key to the hardware store and they are able to make you a copy then you are in luck most vehicle keys cannot be duplicated easily which is why the need to know a reputable automotive locksmith is imperative.

But if you are lucky enough that they will be able to make you a copy the key might open your doors but it will definitely not start your vehicle. In order for the copied key to start your vehicle you will need to have the key programmed by a professional locksmith. Automotive locksmiths are equipped with the tools and computer equipment needed to program various keys to vehicles. And even though this is a common practice for most auto locksmiths it is a very costly procedure for the consumer. You see the computer programs needed to program the keys to the vehicles is not cheap and each time the locksmith wants to use it he will have to obtain a code from the vehicle manufacture which also doesn’t come cheap. With all the expenses incurred on the locksmith plus his labor he will have to charge accordingly.

On average vehicle key programming ranges between $65- $165 depending on the type of vehicle the job is being performed on. Now this is the cost if you already have the key, if you have completely lost your vehicle keys and is in need of a brand new key then of course the price is going to rise drastically. By contacting your local locksmith company you can become more acquainted with the cost for replacing your vehicle key.

In order to avoid these costly expenses be sure to get a copy of your key from whoever you bought the vehicle from, most dealerships will charge a small fee but it will be less than having to get a brand new key from a locksmith if you have lost the original. Automotive Locksmiths are here ready to help you if needed though so make sure you have the contact information for your local locksmith on hand for whenever you need it.


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