Smart Phone Controlled Locks

In our most recent blog we took at look at how technology is effecting the way that automotive keys and locks work. Today we have even more technological advancements that will make your life easier while also making your home even more secure. Your home, business and apartment are not spared the upgrades that automotive locks have been receiving. Multiple lock manufacturers now offer locks which you can operate remotely from your smart phone or internet ready device. Each manufacturer has a different mechanism for operating remotely and some do not even require you to replace your existing door lock. In addition to the added ease of a remote controlled deadbolt there are also many practical uses such as unlocking the home for someone to check while you are away or even opening the door for someone who has locked themselves out of the house. In the long term these wireless locks can save you a great deal of money if you frequently find yourself calling a locksmith for service.

One of the good examples of a wireless lock that you can install without replacing your current lock system is the Lockitron. Lockitron is not quite ready to ship yet however at their website you can reserve a model for $179. The Lockitron fits directly over your existing deadbolt, and is equipped with built in wi-fi and Bluetooth. All you need to do to unlock the lock is to use your mobile application to switch the lock over to the unlock position. This is a quick fix for home owners who are looking for the next cool gadget that can make their time at home a little more convenient.

The Schlage Nexia allows you all of the customization that you could possibly want for a residential or commercial lock. Ranging from 200 to 300 dollars the Nexia line of locks has options to fit anyone’s needs. In addition to allowing you to wirelessly control the deadbolt on your door some Nexia models also come with the capacity to store 19 different security codes for unlocking the door. This option can be used to give each member of the household or business their own personal entrance, the lock can even be programmed so that certain codes will only work during certain parts of the day. This allows business owners flexibility so that they can provide their employees the access they need to complete their job while also offering security while they are off the clock.

The advent of using smart phones in conjunction with looks should prove to be very fruitful for home and business owners in the coming years. Convenience in these type of “smart” locks is nearly unmatched and looks to only get better going forward.




4 comments on “Smart Phone Controlled Locks

  1. I would like to see these pass the test of time before I go switching to them. Mechanical locks will undoubtedly last longer than circuits and batteries in my opinion and only really suit access control and commercial requirements.

  2. Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the great work.

  3. totally agree #salelocksmith,
    like every thing that hes been invented in this days, if people will like the idea obviously it will be some modification to make the product work beater, specially when it come to people security!

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